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The Future of Travel

There is no doubt that our lives have been changed forever by COVID-19 and this leaves a big question of what we will do about our holiday’s in future.

There will be a big push towards holidays that are close to home and don’t involve air travel. 

People will think that going on an aeroplane will involve a lot of airborne particles and risk. 

This isn’t factually true, the air inside an aircraft is specifically designed to prevent disease. The air is refreshed completely in the cabin every 6 minutes, with the airflow designed to push all air downwards and backwards. The air is pushed through a HEPA filter (hospital grade and used in the BioDefence mode on a Tesla). 


Hotels will be different as well, with the big push towards limiting contact, which depending on how you feel about it is either a good or bad thing. Not having to wait in line for check in is definitely an advantage at some of the larger hotels. 

A number of hotels will be cleaner than they were before with enhanced cleaning in between clients and a seeming competition between brands on who they can get in to make theirs cleaner than the others. 

They range from using aerosolised disinfectant to repetitive disinfecting of high touch areas. 

Then there is the eating and drinking portion of things. Nightclubs are probably out for the foreseeable future, bars will be a lot quieter and a lot of the emphasis is going to be on outside eating as well. 

All of this will make you really have to think about your next destination. 

Long hall/short hall

Class of travel, luxury travel may be higher up on your priorities (more space, less people near, etc.) 

Hotel style and size

Dry weather, cold or hot you want to make sure that you are able to sit/stand outside for all these places. 

Some things you might not think of which I can say will now be really important: 

  • A good concierge at any hotel you are going to – this will be invaluable, the restaurants will have limited tables, you will have to be selective on bars, you will want that local knowledge. 
  • Local requirements on wearing masks etc and what that practically means for any holiday – for example wearing a mask in 36 degrees in Orlando is going to be tough! 
  • Hotels have used this time to do a lot of refurbishments and upgrades. Look for these wisely. 
  • A lot of people won’t be travelling – this is an important point, you could get a chance to experience a number of places that are normally too expensive or too busy, the deals that are out there and will be out there for the next 6 months or longer are likely to be the best deals for a while. 

I have a lot of experience and have been getting a lot of information from all my different business partners on what the situation on the ground is. If you need any help planning or any information please contact me and for some inspiration visit


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